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Autonomy.  Mastery.  Purpose.

Our problems are very reliable.  They keep presenting themselves for our consideration.  Problems arise suddenly, in unexpected ways and at other times incrementally, in a predictable fashion.  This is important and worthy of attention. Your ability to be successful in therapy is closely tied to your willingness to stop and look around, to take ownership, and choose a new path.  This requires creativity, effort, and courage.  You employ your existing skills and strategies while learning new ones, ultimately moving each day towards living a life of integrity - a life in which your actions match your values.  When you do this work, you stop running from problems.  You welcome their return, because these problems help you clarify what is truly important.  The problem becomes the solution.

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Resilience.  Adaptation.  Growth.

Financial strain.  Legal uncertainty.  Pain and discomfort.  Loss of identity and purpose.  Work related injuries introduce many stressors, often all at the same time.  This can be incredibly disruptive to your well being, your relationships, and your life goals.  What is the best way to navigate this turbulence and uncertainty? We rely on tried and true interventions to manage feelings of anxiety, panic, depression, and chronic pain.  These strategies empower you to control the controllable.  You cannot help what has happened to you, but you can choose how you respond.


Connection. Communication. Common Goals.

We are curious creatures on our own.  We become exponentially more fascinating in relationship with others.  These relationships are demanding and challenge us to juggle seemingly conflicting needs and desires at the same time - safety vs. adventure, independence vs. connection, housework vs. intimacy, passion vs. companionship...sometimes we become trapped in patterns of connection with our loved ones.  These patterns play out within the larger framework of our lives - we navigate through them daily, often without conscious thought.  In couples work, we stand side by side and look at these contradictions and curiosities.  Evaluating our path forward, we note the obstacles along the way, as well as the areas that provide shelter.  We negotiate how to best support each other on this journey and then we move forward.  Together.

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All images on this site are courtesy of the very talented Ben Potter, who understands the art of close attention.

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I find great value in being of service to others.  If you are uncertain about how best to proceed, please feel free to reach out.  I am happy to go over your options and how I can help.  You can read a bit more about me here.

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